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  • Susan
    #1 written by Susan 9 years ago

    Yea, for Kosher Joe! Looking forward to more episodes.

  • Kati Svaby
    #2 written by Kati Svaby 9 years ago

    Many thanks for the videos. They are very good!
    Kati Svaby

  • Deborah Peterson
    #3 written by Deborah Peterson 9 years ago

    Hi Kosher Joe,

    I am a gentile believer in Christ. As of late, I have developed a strong desire to learn all about the Jewish ways. Particularly the ways of the Jews for Jesus. I am able to find information about the belief, but I want to learn to live that way. It makes sense to consider living the way Jesus did. He observed all the specials feasts and attended synagog. I wish to go deeper in my relationship with Him and I truly believe it is to live as He did here on earth as well as He has commanded me to live for the Kingdom. By learning about His Jewish heritage, I believe I will understand better what it means to be grafted into the vine. Your videos bring these ways to life for me.

    Thank you,

  • junbug20
    #4 written by junbug20 8 years ago

    Hello Kosher Joe,

    You take the “mysterious” out of judaism, I think I spelled that right, I also agree with Deborah and thank you.

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